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We are having difficulties drilling stainless steel with a portable electric drill.What can we do?
Generally, portable drills run the spindle speed too high which means the drill doesn't cut.The drill dwells on the surface of the material.The other difficulty is that stainless steel heats up quickly and work hardens.
To solve the problems associated with drilling stainless steel, use a slower spindle speed and greater force in the feed. This will enable the drill to cut the material rather than rubbing.
Nachi HSS standard jobber drills have proven to be successful in drilling stainless steel with portable hand drills.
For CNC usage we recommend Sutton Tools Black Magic Stub and Jobber drills,designed specifically for stainless steel.

How do we gain more life out of tapping stainless steel?
Stainless steel is quite abrasive and hard because it has an element of chrome.We recommend DC Swiss Z series taps, specifically designed with the correct geometry for tapping stainless steel. HSS Cobalt material,VS special wear coating are available in both Gun and Spiral flute.



Privacy and Your Personal Information

Cutting Tools Australia has voluntarily committed to complying with the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (the Act). This commitment has been made by Cutting Tools Australia to protect the privacy of its customers, business contacts and employees.

This policy sets out how Cutting Tools Australia collects uses and discloses personal information, including your right of access and correction. It applies equally to conventional and electronic information.

Collection Accuracy, Retention and Security

Cutting Tools Australia WILL:

1. Collect and retain personal information only if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities and will do this in a lawful, fair and reasonable way;
2. Take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected is relevant, not excessive, accurate, complete and up-to-date;
3. Take reasonable steps to ensure the protection of personal information from misuse, loss, and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure;
4. Retain personal information for no longer than is necessary for legitimate purposes; and
5. Destroy or permanently de-identify personal information, which is no longer used or required.
6. Only use this information for legitimate business purposes

Discloser and Use

Cutting Tools Australia WILL:

1. Use collected information to provide the services you have requested or to meet the purpose for which the information was submitted. The information may also be aggregated for customer research purposes;
2. Not collect, use or disclose sensitive information, such as information about a persons health, except with specific consent or in circumstances permitted by the Act;
3. Ensure information provided to us will only be disclosed to a third party to the extent required to provide the requested services or to meet the purpose for which the information was submitted;
4. Respect your wishes, if you tell us that you do not wish to have your personal information used or disclosed for a particular purpose, unless this is not legally or practically possible;

What information do we gather from you?

• Information you give us
• Information automatically gathered
• E-mail communications
• Information from other sources such as letters, mailed orders, telephone orders etc.

Do we share the information that we gather from you?

• It is strictly our business policy NOT to share any of the information you give us with anyone else possessing a business Interest unless you specify that you would like to do this.
• The only time information may be shared is for security and verification purposes which also ensure your safety as a consumer.
• Information you give us may be used by Cutting Tools Australia for any up-coming promotional offers, please let us know if you do NOT want us to include you. Please state this to Classic Cruisers when communicating with them.

Enquiries and Access

If you wish to know more about privacy practices at Cutting Tools Australia, or wish to review or make changes to your personal information held by Cutting Tools Australia, you may Contact Cutting Tools Australia .

Cutting Tools Australia will make all reasonable efforts to promptly deal with your inquiry.




Exclusion of Liability and Condition of Use

You agree as a condition of your use of this website that Cutting Tools Australia will not be liable for any loss (including but not limited to personal injury, death, damage to or loss of property, damage to your computer or loss of data stored on it, consequential loss or loss of profit or business opportunity) arising from your use of this website, and whether any such loss arises from Cutting Tools Australia’s breach of any contract or implied contract, negligence or other tort or wilful act. This clause applies to the extent permissible by law and no attempt is made by Cutting Tools Australia to exclude or modify liability that is imposed by statute and which may not be excluded or modified. The proper law of this website is the law of New South Wales and by entering this website you agree with this choice of law.

Your feedback to Cutting Tools Australia is always welcome. Please remember that any ideas, concepts, comments or suggestions forwarded from you may be used by Cutting Tools Australia without further reference to you, and without payment to you or any other liability being incurred by Cutting Tools Australia.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important disclaimer.

Cutting Tools Australia can offer additional information about its business and resources. To receive this please Contact Cutting Tools Australia



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